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Your Product Management career begins here.

Whether you're fresh to the Product Management world or looking forward to upward mobility, this is the place.

Get help from a tenured Product Manager through interview preparation, resume formatting and content updates, live training courses, or personalized coaching to learn the skills required to become a phenomenal PM. 


Product Management is a crazy fun space for critical thinkers and creatives.

Formal education is growing but not quite as fast as the job openings. Let me help you firm up your skills to present your best self. 


Hi! I'm Blair and I've spent my entire career in a range of Sales, Brand Marketing and Product Management roles. 

I've worked my way from an Associate Product Manager role to Product Director, dabbled in start-up businesses, and completely passionate about most things marketing, organization, and strategy. 

I am also incredibly enthusiastic about teaching and giving back. In my spare time, I teach Product Management online at General Assembly; I see it as a way of sharing the wisdom that has been imparted to me over the years. 

Ok, now to the stodgy stuff. What, aside from my career experience (which you can read more about here), is validating? Take a peek at my credentials: 8 years of direct Product Management experience in varying industries; MBA from New York Institute of Technology, and a BS in Marketing from Hampton University. I'm also a Certified Product Manager.

So if you're ready to accept an extra hand  - be it advice, strategic planning, or an experienced sounding board - let's go.




Every successful professional needs a successful coach. 


interview prep

"I'd like to start a career as a Product Manager and need a little coaching."

Starting at $98   


"I need a PM mentor; someone with ideas and experienced-based advice."

Starting at $98


“I need Marketing Plan Development, Product Development Process Mapping.”

Starting at $350



Live, interactive Product Management Online Course.

Join me for two hours and $99 to get your best start to Product Management.

  • Live access to a real, experienced Product Manager

  • Flexible, online accessibility

  • Economical class with an approachable instructor

Not sure where to begin?

Touch base anyway.

Let's set up a 20 minute call for initial advice. 

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"Blair was instrumental in my growth as a Product Manager. Blair is the type of leader that is dedicated to the development and success of her direct reports and goes above and beyond to ensure you know the exact steps to take to achieve your professional goals and continued growth within the company. Blair is an exceptional product management and marketing professional with extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of the full lifecycle of a product, the ever changing needs of the customer, sales, and the company’s bottom line. Blair would be a strong asset to any leadership team and an outstanding mentor to anyone working with her."


"I had the wonderful opportunity to be mentored by Blair in the product management on-campus course at General Assembly. The examples Blair presented from her vast PM experience across different products were immensely valuable in helping us understand the different aspects of product management. Her passion for her work and her drive to keep learning is what inspired me the most. Blair has been extremely supportive and encouraging in helping me get started with my career in product management. She is an amazing guide and well-wisher who genuinely wishes the best for her students and colleagues and would go the extra mile to help out."

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