Product Management Online Course.

Be primed and ready to transition into Product Management

Live, interactive course designed to introduce basic PM concepts with real life examples, provide insight on the soft-skills necessary to succeed, and show you how to present your best self.

Investment: $99


The What

Live, online, two hour training session on the key elements of Product Management including identifying customer problems, competitive analysis, identifying minimum viable products (MVPs), writing users stories, and success metrics. We’ll also discuss the softer side - tips and tricks to manage stakeholders, interviewing skills and how to craft your story.

Ask all the questions you’ve been curious about to a real PM.


Because you don’t know what you don’t know. Because getting into the PM world can be daunting. I know, I’ve been there. Learning the hard skills required to say you know Product Management, combined with the soft skills that are difficult to wrap your arms around all take practice. It takes experience that for many become a chicken or an egg thing. How do I gain the experience if I don’t have the job? And that’s the entire purpose of the prep session. Getting familiar with the PM world.



The Who

Ideal for professionals who have experienced difficulty transitioning into Product Management. Those looking for an introductory level investment in their skillset to learn the basics, and how to think and communicate like a Product Manager. Or individuals who are considering the transition but are unsure about the details.

The proof

When you’re complete, share your work with LinkedIn.

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feedback from previous students

This was a solid intro: engaging, informative, but also allowed for interaction with the group!

Blair killed it, room engagement was excellent and she facilitates that. Effective use of our 2-hour window.

It’s clearly obvious Blair is a master of her craft. Really enjoyed how she engaged the class and was able to break down complicated topics and make them easy to understand.



the how

Using Zoom and Slack we’ll be able to exchange ideas, resources, live online.

I’ll be sure to give you the details before our class begins.



The Instructor

I am Blair Presley and I’ve spent my career in a range of Sales, Brand Marketing, and Product Management roles. My day job as a Product Director at DeRoyal Industries allows me to cross-functionally design and launch medical devices and supplies. Prior to my current product position, I led the Product Management team at Oldcastle Architectural in Atlanta. I have experience in the start-up space as well. 

I’m also a Distinguished Faculty Member and Enterprise Instructor at General Assembly which allows me to coach students through 10 week or immersive 1 week sessions on Product Management. I also train Fortune 100 organizations on Product Management best practices.

I’ve earned an MBA from New York Institute of Technology, and a BS in Marketing from Hampton University. I am also a Certified Product Manager.



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